What is DA PA in SEO?

DA (Domain Authority) and PA ( Page Authority ) which is a measuring metric to predict how search engine rank of our sites. it is between 1-100, it has been observed that higher the score, higher the chance of rank in the top of the pages. DA is related to Domain value and PA is for how valuable your page is.

Search engine use special algorithm to take right decision without disclosing their methodology.  To predict their result SEO company has derived some mechanism to determine your site rank. MOZ, A SEO company developed a method to predict your rank for search engine like google. This method based on some measuring factor ie. called DA (Domain Authority) and PA ( Page Authority ) and SS ( Spam score ).  These are the metric 1 to 100 which predict the rank in search engine. Higher the DA PA number and lower the SS will better the chance of top in the list. You can check your DA & PA from link below.

To improve your DA and PA and at the same time reduce spam score, below are the best practice you can follow. This will helps you to boost your DA PA score as well as Google page rank.

Install SSL

Use SSL in your site. It may not be that important for search engines but for your user it is important otherwise many of users do not trust site and leave the site. All browser shows as unsecure site which is one of reason for user to bounce back. If there is too many bounce back then your PA score will reduce. This way it becomes important to have SSL installed for search engine.

Back Link Quality

Back Link from good DA sites will boost your pages in rank. Links should be high DA PA sites. The referring site should be related to your blog content. Avoid Do follow link from Spammy sites. (whose spam score is high) . You must have ‘balance profile’ that mean there should have both do follow as well as no follow link .  Do follow link from un relevant sites or those spam score is high increase your spam score.

Number of Link

Have good interlink in page content. Good amount of Interlink of pages and your site increase your PA. Audit your page removes dead links.

Social media presence

Use of Social media and publish your content gives you better PA. you must publish post related to your blog at least every 15 days. Avoid too many post or such agency who will do lots of posting and review. which will increase your spam score.

Domain Age and Expiry.

Domain expiry also matters. If your domain about to expire in few months reduce the DA , so renew the your domain for longer period.  You can’t do much about the Age of domain, be patience, once domain get older and older you get better DA.  

Brand name search volume

How much organic search your getting using your brand name or domain name affect the DA. So do some off line branding activity to attract real audience to your site.  Email marketing/push messaging also helps.

Domain Owner.

How many domain registered by same owner and the reputation of these domain site also matter. Avoid any spam domain register with same owner name and profile.

Healthy link profile

Backlink from good branded site boost your DA PA . Audit your site time to time and remove bad backlink form spammy sites otherwise it will increase your spam score.  Find out your spam score. You can check back link here.

spam audit tool find list of referring domain and their spam score. Remove toxic link to reduce such links. You can report to google such domain to ignore.

Use no follow tag if you do not want search engine to consider. A dofollow link has HTML code that looks like this:

<a href=“https://www.example.com/”>Web hosting</a>

A nofollow link has HTML code that looks like this:

<a href=“https://www.example.com/” rel=“nofollow”>Contact support</a>

Use balance backlink profile ie. There should be balaced ‘no follow’ as well as ‘do follow link’ to your site.

URL, Meta Tag description in HTML .

Although search engines are stopped keywords written on Meta tag, still there is no harm keeping them in keyword section. It will always better if your best keyword visible in URL , TITLE and Description and same keyword must presence in content .  Avoid too many repetitions of key word in body.

H1 Tag.

Keyword and subject of content must present in H1 tag. ( see HTML coding) which increase you PA.

<h1> Best Hotel in Delhi , India </h1>

Page speed.

Yes page speed is the most critical aspect of PA. Test your site using google page speed or gtmetrix. Tune your site as per their suggestion and make our site as fast as possible. For example, You can use image compression and for heavy site use CDN.


Remember content is the king. Write high quality content, it should describe your product based on related keywords. Do some keyword research and adjust your content how relevant your product with these keywords. Do not copy paste or useless content to fool search engine. Your content should be useful to reader and some value proposition. Do not write content for search engine write for human. Include some FAQ related to your product. Your content should increase the engagement so that not exit from your site quickly. Your content should have 2 aspect

  1. product engagement (describe your product feature and plan and price ) and
  2. knowledge engagement ( it should help to learn something new to user not just product sailing. ).

You  must link to good blogs and site for further knowledge improvement for user. Include some video to increase the engagement and reduce bounce back rate which is also major factor increase PA.


Please remember content is the king. Do good keyword research and provide quality content which provides value to the visitor. Increase the engagement time by adding valuable content add your personal touch to the content with some case study and statistics. Make the pages for humans not for Google bot. Google bot is smart enough to evaluate page as human rank your site based on value you provide to readers.


Why My DA PA is showing 1 since day 1? After making SEO as described above for 3 months still my PA 1 and DA 1?

A PA/DA of 1 means that your site/pages are currently not listed in Moz index database. Moz does not index all the site on the net like google. Based on certain criteria it selects website to be indexed.  Following are most possible points you need to check.

  1. Check your robots.txt file, it should allow search engine to crawl your site. Probably your site is blocking Moz crawler which is Dotbot. Getting 200 response code for Dotbot from Log.
  2. You site does not have valuable content or valuable external/interlink links. Check https://opensiteexplorer.org
  3. Get some high quality links, from high authority websites who’s DA and PA is more than 50.
  4. Make sure our site is easy to navigate and Logo, favicon, proper contact us page with privacy policy.
  5. Link to social site pages such as Facebook, Linkedin, instagram etc.
  6. Get some quality backlinks from site having higher DA.

Two weeks ago the PA and DA were very good, now it is 1. Will this affect my position in Google search?

No, There no direct relation with google, and neither Google use MOZ’s DA PA matrix. Moz DA PA is the method to predict the Google algorithm only. It has been observed that most of the cased DA PA score matches google rank link so you must investigate and find why your score going down as may be same cause create issue in Google page rank.

How do i know SEO mistakes in my site?

It is very simple. There are many paid and free tool available in market. We have one such tool which is absolutely free. Go and book mark it https://check-seo.in and scan your site for SEO mistakes.

On Page SEO Check Online

On-Page SEO Essential

On-Page SEO are those technique an individual can do on their website pages such as Page titles, Meta tags, descriptions, content and website structure and internal links to make site SEO friendly and helps to rank in top of the search result. It is also called Technical SEO which focus on the website structure, easy to navigate and user friendly and easy to crawl by Search engine.

check below check list online https://www.check-seo.in

Check List of On page SEO

On-Page SEO
Here are a list of things you should follow for better ranking in search engine
  1. Install SSL. Installing SSL in your site provides additional security and trust to your site. nowadays SSL is a must I just make sure your site work properly and https://www.yoursite.com

  1. Website Crawling: Your website is ready then the first step is ensure that it is accessible to search engine. Search engine use automatic program to access your site which is called BOT. in case of Google it is know as GoogleBot.  You should allow search engine to access your site. The search engine access can be controlled using a file called robots.txt.  If this file does not exist you can create it and allow search engine to access all your website folders and URL.

  1. Robot.txt: Create a file called robots.txt and upload in your root folder which control access to search engine bots. You can allow or deny any folder or URL using this file. here is the example of robots.txt.

  1. User-agent: *
  2. Allow: /
  3. User-agent: *
  4. Disallow: /tpl/
  5. User-agent: *
  6. Disallow: /css/

Search engine Indexing Google search console and bing webmaster

Open Google search console and add your side as domain property and add your site. Go to inspection and add search your site then request for indexing. if your site is not accessible, it will give you the reason. accordingly fix the access issue and reindex. Google will take 24-48 hours to index your site. Browse your site like site://www.yoursite.com then you can see your indexed pages.

Sitemap: Create a file called sitemap.xml and upload your root folder. this file indicates URL structure of our site so that search engine follow this site to to crawl and index your site. Submit your sitemap in Google console and Bing Webmaster tool. Create your sitemap file online https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/

Mobile friendly: Check your site using mobile phone and it should be response to and easily readable from mobile.

Canonical URL: it is a meta description where we can specify URL to inform search engine for original original URL to be indexed if there are duplicate contents on your site, search engine use this to identify original version of the content to be indexed.

URL: Your are URLs also should contain your keyword. It should not be too long and simple. use ‘-‘ instead of space between keywords. do not use special characters in your URLs.

META data

  • Meta Title: describe your title using focus keyword
  • Meta description: provide short description for your content
  • Meta Keyword: include related keywords

Header Tag ( H1,H2): keep focus keyword in H1 tag : Your content should have one H1 tag that include the focus keyword that should be one in each page, rest H2 or H3 tags

Content: Content is the king. You should describe your product and services user readable format which is easy to read using focus keyword. Do not stuff too many keywords. Your content should provide some value proposition. Your content should be focus on product engagement and knowledge engagement. It should be helpful to the user. Write content for humans not for bots. keep check on spelling grammar and include some images video if possible.

Images check:  Use images in site. Use good quality and Fast and optimized light weight images as heavy images increase page load speed, impacting the search engine. Use proper Alt attribute and use related images next to related content.

Page speed: Page speed is a important Signal for search engine. Your site should be loaded faster from desktop as we as mobile.

Conclusion :

Do not try to fool search engine bot. Write good quality help full content for humans not for search engine bot. Increase the engagement time by adding valuable content add your personal touch to the content with some case study and statistics

Check SEO Mistakes

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in short know as SEO. There are certain guidelines and rules all most  all search engine follow to evaluate websites and rank them top of the search results. By doing SEO activity we optimize our website in such a way that search engine show in top of the result so increase the visibility hence more visitor to site. Therefore, SEO became the best digital marketing strategies to get visitor to your websites and you can showcase and sale your product and services.

What is SEO Mistakes or SEO Problem?

SEO mistakes are the methods and technique we do not follow that search engine looking for in site to rank better in search result.  These are On-Page SEO techniques where  an individual can do on their website to make your site e SEO friendly.

Where to check my site Online?

Login to site www.check-seo.in and Audit your site for free. For more reading follow https://www.check-seo.in/blog/on-page-seo-check-online/ . You can also sign in to download PDF report for your client.