Check SEO Mistakes

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in short know as SEO. There are certain guidelines and rules all most  all search engine follow to evaluate websites and rank them top of the search results. By doing SEO activity we optimize our website in such a way that search engine show in top of the result so increase the visibility hence more visitor to site. Therefore, SEO became the best digital marketing strategies to get visitor to your websites and you can showcase and sale your product and services.

What is SEO Mistakes or SEO Problem?

SEO mistakes are the methods and technique we do not follow that search engine looking for in site to rank better in search result.  These are On-Page SEO techniques where  an individual can do on their website to make your site e SEO friendly.

Where to check my site Online?

Login to site and Audit your site for free. For more reading follow . You can also sign in to download PDF report for your client.

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